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For foreign visitor

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Thank you for visiting our website!

Our main profile is organizing graphic auctions, mostly from hungarian artists’ works of the XX.century. Also occurs pieces from hungarian artists who lived and worked abroad and sometimes foreigners too.

We hope the sitetree on the left side is simple and usable: you have to choose always from there to the next step.

The buttons are not translated into english, but here you can read it:

  • Főoldal = Main page
  • Aktuális aukció =  current auction In this folder is the „letölthető lista”=list of the titles
  • Aukciós archívum = Past auction /Archivum. In our site you couldn’t search . Our auction administration is ont the www.axioart.com website.
  • Vásárlási feltételek = How you can buy/bid. The most important: You could give us absentee bid! ( attention in Hungary, the price what you  see below the title is not an estimated price but  it is the starting price! Conditions of purchase: The buyer shall pay an agency fee equalling 23% of the hammer price to the Auction House. The agency fee includes VAT. The buyer shall bear all the costs incurred through the export: transport, packaging, insurance, etc.
  • Arte Galéria története = History of the gallery
  • Fotók a galéria életéből = Here you can see some photos of our enterieur’s
  • Fotók a legkedvesebb tételekről = Photo album with the dearest Items
  • Kiállításaink  = our exhibitions: the past and the current
  • Kapcsolat = send you letter via email: Ezt a címet a spamrobotok ellen védjük. Engedélyezze a Javascript használatát, hogy megtekinthesse.
  • Nyitva tartás = opening hours by appointment, excluding the exhibition’s period

We are pleased to meet you personally, please write us if you are interested in something!

Sincerely yours:

Diana Marso, Georg Marso